Jan. 6      Curtis Smith/8:30

          Ken Langolf &Andy Nash/11:00

Jan. 13    Ray & Rosemary Caroland/8:30

          Fonda Haynes/11:00

Jan. 20    Doug Burt/8:30

Jeanne Reynolds & Joyce Pinocco/11:00

Jan. 27    Charles & Mary Sims/8:30

          Frank & Marianne Botdorf/11:00



All dates are available in January.




Jan. 1         Annette Smith

Jan. 3         Harry Singer

                   Dan Nuckolls

                   Dick Lebby

Jan. 9         Doug Askew

Jan. 12       Chris Standard

Jan. 14       Cathy Hall

Jan. 23       Amy McCannon (Standard)

                   Zach Pike

Jan. 26       Nancy Warren




Jan. 1         Charles & Charlotte Osborne

Jan. 25       Andy & Pat Nash




February 1   Jack Warren

February 2   Alice Moore

February 4   Sally Pike

February 5   Doug Burt

February 12 Sam Gutherie

February 13 Deedy Lewis






The 2019 Flower Calendar is now in the Narthex. Please sign-up for those special dates!



Pastor John will lead a Bible Study on “Jesus’ Final Week” using the Life Guide Bible Study series. The study will be Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:00, Jan. 10th – Feb. 28th.  Everyone is welcome.



Free Concert

Friday, January 18, 2019

The ORBEC Walk to Emmaus community invites you to a Musical concert featuring Jeffrey Wells and Josh Voiles with pianist Jackson Mitchell on Friday, January 18, 2019 at  Greensboro First United Methodist Church, 4741 Carey Station Rd campus.  Appetizers will be served at 5:30pm and the concert will begin at 6:30pm.  There is no charge.  For more info call Pat Dickey at 706-347-8338.  Pease join us for this special concert. 



A Special Thank you!

Your staff thanks you for your generous Staff Christmas Love Offering.

It is our honor and privilege to work at Walker. We couldn’t ask for a  more loving and generous church.

Pastor John & Sally, Put, Janell & BJ




Jan.31, Feb. 1, Feb. 2






Year End Letter to the UMW


Hi Ladies,

            We have had  a fantastic year starting out our year with a wonderful book “Same Kind of Difference”.  The discussion was lead by Sandy, which gave us pause to think about kindness, forgiveness, faith, and compassion for our fellow human beings. 

            We took an informative and interesting journey to Jerusalem via DVD. We learned why Jerusalem is so important and special to Islamic, Jewish, and Christian believers.

We had a successful bake sale, thanks to Evelyn Farmer for signing everyone up and spear heading our efforts.  Also thanks to everyone who participated with bake goods, assisted with selling and supporting another great bake sell. 

            We had a fantastic trip to the Senior Citizen Center, everyone enjoyed listening to several inspirational songs by the Lake Country Barber Shop Chorus, wonderful time playing a Bible trivial game lead by Becky and fellowship with our Fellow Seniors at the Center. We were celebrities for a day with our pictures in the paper. 

            We had the honor of hosting our District President Jennifer Cheely and District Historian Judy Reed (Jennifer’s Mom). Fun time was had by all playing Bingo. Thanks to Dene for bringing her bingo set and keeping us on track while playing. Also a thanks to each of you for bringing winner’s gifts.

            We took a summer break.

            Sandy gave a talk about our Walker Church rich history.  After the meeting there was a delicious lunch and fellowship at LaLore restaurant.

            We had planned to hear about home safety from Sheriff Anthony Cash from Union Point, however he was unable to attend due to an emergency.  We’re looking forward to hearing from him in the near future.

            We had an informative guest speak, Augusta District Representative Lindsay Solomon, from The United Methodist Children’s Home. They have a need for pullup diapers. Dollar General has a great bargain on pullups - 24 for $7.00.  Pullups will be picked up by a Representative from the Home next week.

Thanksgiving baskets (toiletries) were distributed to the sick and shut in. Thanks to everyone who participated.

            The end of the year was celebrated with a Christmas party and  a delicious luncheon. Gifts were exchanged. From what I have heard, everyone had a wonderful and fun time. Christmas baskets (toiletries) were distributed to sick and shut in. Thanks again to everyone who participated. A special thanks to Becky and Cathy for purchasing the Christmas gifts for our adopted family.

            We can be proud of our giving and accomplishment to the community in 2018. Donations were made to Circle of Love, Atlas Ministries, First Call Ministry,  Food Pantry, Senior Citizen Center, Mammograms, United Methodist Children’s Home, World Bank Offering, Gifts for our sick and shut in and Adopted family.

            Thanks for all your support and input to make our UMW year a great success. Kudos to each of you. A job well done. 

            Looking forward to another great year in 2019.

Mary Sims & Becky Casey