SERVICE SCHEDULE  (If we have services)


Apr. 5              Al LaCross/8:30

Harry & Evelyn Singer/11:30

Apr. 12            Tom & BJ Collier/Sunrise

Frank & Marianne Botdorf/11:00

Apr. 19            Al LaCross/8:30

Andy Moore/11:00

Apr. 26            Al LaCross/8:30

George & Shirley Shattuck/11:00


FLOWERS (If we have services)

Apr. 5              Carolyn Lindsay

Apr. 12            Easter Lilies

Apr. 19            Dillard & Cecilia Davison

Apr. 26            Available



April 5             Jean Queen

                        Bill Phillips

April 6             Kip Fleming

April 8             Ashley Satcher

April 15           Charldene Chupp

April 17           Rita Overton

April 18           Ralph Beasley

April 19           Liz Gorman

April 20           Phyllis Greenhalgh

April 22           Ray Caroland

April 24           Zoe Haynes

April 25           Tim Askew



April 22           Haynes & Elaine Standard


May Birthdays

May 1              John Pike

May 3              John Eadie

May 6              Rosemary Caroland

May 8              Kent Walker

May 13            Janell Ward

May 15            Dale Ward

May 26            Jim Martin

May 28            Richard Greenhalgh

May 31            Bill Haynes


May Anniversaries

May 2              Ray & Rosemary Caroland

May 14            Dale & Janell Ward

May 27            Doug & Dot Burt

May 28            Jack & Zoe Haynes



Due to the uncertainly of our upcoming services due to the Covid-19 virus, we have not included a calendar for April activities. Please know that as soon as it is safe to return to our regularly scheduled worship  here at Walker, you will be informed by e-mail and calling post.