UMW – March 12

We’re going on a trip!! 

            Ladies of Walker Church, please come and join us on Monday, March 12 at 10:00 for a remarkable trip to Jerusalem. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.

            Our tour guides will be three young women of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. We will visit Jerusalem through their view to some of the most sacred places in the city.

            Our hostesses will be Mottee Smith and Evelyn Farmer. Carole McLean will present our devotional. 




The Oconee River Basin Emmaus Community is having their annual “Walks” on March 8th – 11th (Men) and March 15th – 18th (Women) at Collinswood. If you are interested in attending this spiritual retreat, please contact Dale or Janell Ward, Ken Langolf, Frank Botdorf or Tom Collier. Thank you!



UMW – Requests for Greene Co. Food Pantry

Greene County Food Pantry needs our helping hands.  During the month of March please place these items in the box in the Fellowship Hall.  

Canned meats               Canned fruit     Juice

Mac & Cheese dinner   P’nut Butter     Jelly

Grits/Oatmeal    Canned vegetables       Cereal

Spaghetti & Spaghetti sauce    Instant Potatoes



April 5             Jean Queen

                        Bill Phillips

April 15           Charldene Chupp

April 17           Rita Overton

April 18           Ralph Beasley

April 19           Liz Gorman

April 20           Phyllis Greenhalgh

April 22           Ray Caroland

April 24           Zoe Haynes

April 25           Tim Askew

4 weeks and counting……

Walker Church’s Annual BBQ

March 24,2018--11:00-1:00

Please mark your calendars and sign up in the Fellowship Hall for a time slot to work.  All helping hands are needed.  Contact Sam Locklin for further information.

The UMW Bake Sale will be the same day.  Contact Evelyn Famer for more information and to offer baked goods for the sale.  A sign-up sheet is in the Fellowship Hall. 

Proceeds from the BBQ and Bake Sale will be used to support several local organizations and charities.




Mar. 4              Tom & BJ Collier/8:30

                        Frank & Marianne Botdorf/11:00

Mar. 11            Dale & Janell Ward/8:30

                        Bill & Carol McLean/11:00

Mar. 18            Charles & Mary Sims/8:30

                        Terry Burnette & Andy Nash/11:00

Mar. 25            Doug Burt/8:30

                        Andy Moore & Thomas Moon/11:00



Mar. 4               Dick & Gerry Lebby

Mar. 11            Available

Mar. 18            Bill & Carole McLean

Mar. 25            Mike & Gail Lowe



March 5            Ken Langolf

March 13          Richard Woodward

March 18          Dot Burt

March 23          Fonda Haynes

March 25          Mildred Bryan

March 26          Winston Smith



March 1            Tom & BJ Collier

                        Mike & Donna Malone

March 6            Dick & Gerry Lebby

March 31          Bill & Lois Phillips



April 22           Haynes & Elaine Standard


ATLAS Ministry Golf Event

October 1, 2018 @ Cuscowilla

Slots fill up fast.

Contact: ccrawford@atlasministryinc.org

Or call 706-453-0581




Holy Week at Walker

March 25     Palm Sunday

March 28    NO Dinner/program

March 29    Dinner @ 6:00

                   Holy Thursday/Tenebrae Service @ 7:00


April 1          Easter Sunrise Service @ 7:15 am

                     Breakfast afterwards

                     ONE Worship Service @ 11:00am


Don’t forget to bring flowers for the living cross on Easter morning.



Easter Lilies

Soon the sanctuary will be filled with beautiful Easter lilies.  If you would like to purchase a flower, please fill out the form below or call the church office.  The cost is $12.00 each.

In HONOR of ______________________________________


In MEMORY of ____________________________________


Purchased by _____________________________ # ____