Pastor's Message





Christmas is virtually here. The number of shopping days remaining is clipping by at an alarming rate. If they have not begun for you already, the rush and clamor of preparations and festivities are on the horizon. Even though we try avoiding it, at some point in the “Holiday Season” we will likely feel overwhelmed. In some ways, I’m not ready for Christmas; it always finds a way to catch me by surprise.


Yet, in many ways, life is very similar to that of the original Christmas. Joseph and Mary had gone to the town of Joseph’s ancestry to comply with the government’s mandate to register with the census to make sure he paid his taxes. The town was buzzing with business and activity. There was no room in town for a blue-collar working man and his pregnant wife who was due any day. Shepherds were working the night shift as they did every night. In the midst of the busy activity of life, heaven broke into human existence, and the world was never the same.


My hope for each of us is this. I hope and pray that heaven will break through and penetrate our hectic lives. I hope and pray that we hear the hosts of heaven declare and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. I hope and pray that Jesus is born or re-born in all of our hearts so that we are never the same after Christmas, 2018. If Jesus is born anew in us, we will again discover the joy of Christmas that far surpasses the stress of the Holiday Season activity.


May you have the gladness of Christmas, which is HOPE—

The spirit of Christmas, which is PEACE—

The blessing of Christmas, which is LOVE.


Merry Christmas,



John Pike, Pastor