Pastor's Message




Labor Day is a unique holiday in that it is not religious. It does not celebrate any military victories. Labor Day celebrates the achievement of the individual worker without whom no major corporation could exist. The cumulative production and efficiency of individual workers provides the level of accomplishment of a company whether it is a “mom & pop” business in the local community or a multimillion-dollar worldwide organization. Most of these workers and small business owners/operators labor honestly and diligently day in and day out just doing the best they can to support their families. Without the individual worker there would be no such thing as the vast American economy.


It is the same with the vast organization, the Church. If we consider only the United Methodist Church within the bounds of the North Georgia Annual Conference we find we are talking about approximately 935 congregations composed of over 328,000 members not to mention the many District and Conference ministries such as the United Methodist Children’s Home and Wesley Woods. The organization of the Church would not exist if individuals did not gather in congregations to worship and serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without the labors of love of each individual member there would be no such thing as the North Georgia Annual Conference.


Closer to home, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of you who faithfully serve Jesus Christ through the ministries and programs of Walker United Methodist Church. Some of you cook. Some of you teach. Some of you wash dishes. Some of you minister to shut-ins. Some of you sing while others provide very necessary administrative work. There are many other individual labors of love and ministry that no one knows about but you and God. Thank you, to each and every one that has labored for Christ through Walker and individual ministries in the community. Without your accumulated individual labors in Christ’s name, there would be no Walker United Methodist Church.


Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day.


God bless,


John Pike, Pastor