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APRIL 2020


Looking at the news headlines I saw a picture of Christmas lights. The caption said that some folks were lighting their Christmas lights to pierce the darkness of the present situation. I don’t know if these persons are Christians or not, but regardless, they are on to something. Regardless of whether one feels all of this is overblown or that we are indeed in crisis, life for now has changed. And “crisis” brings out the best or worst in us. For instance:


  • Looking at Facebook, Sally said she has never seen so many encouraging scriptures being posted.


  • On the other hand, I saw where weapon sales have increased during this situation as people are scared and seeking protection.


  • On the news and Christian radio stations I listen to, I see and hear many stories of neighbors helping each other.


  • On the other hand, I have read of fights in grocery stores as people respond in fear and aggression as the instinct to self-preservation takes over.


I am thankful that I believe all who are reading this are encouragers and helpers as we have experienced the love of Jesus directly and through each other. And we are people of hope. So, let us be like Christmas lights piercing the darkness. Many of you know what my favorite Bible verse is. It is John 1:5 in the New Revised Standard Version. “The light shines in darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it,” April 12th is the celebration of the ultimate expression of that truth. The powers of evil and darkness thought they had won when they nailed Jesus to the cross. The light overcame the darkness as Jesus was resurrected defeating death and sin forever.


Because of Jesus’ resurrection, we are people of hope. And because of that hope, when others succumb to the instinct of self-preservation, we are able to be persons of encouragement and help.


God bless,


John Pike, Pastor